Micro Welding – 3mil Magnet Wire to Platinum Ring Electrodes

CD100SPM – 100ws CD resistance welder

MWH1000 – 1000g opposed micro weld head
1/8″ moly horizontal electrode with tip stepped down to fit inside rings
1/8″ copper upper electrode with tip stepped down to 1/16″
8awg weld cables

The MWH1000 is configured with the lower electrode in a horizontal position. The horizontal electrode is molybdenum that has been stepped down at the tip to fit inside all three diameters of the ring electrodes. The upper electrode remains vertical and is positioned to come down directly over the stepped portion of the horizontal electrode. The upper electrode is copper that is stepped down to 1/16″. The force is set to 750g for the welds pictured.

The CD100SPM is set to 6ws energy at max pulse length to weld the 0.003″ wire to all three sizes of ring electrodes. The wire is inserted in between the horizontal electrode and the ring electrode in a slightly crossing position (to ensure contact). Resulting welds are strong; but further experimentation with energy and pressure can lead to even better results since we were only dealing with a limited sample quantity.

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