Resistance Weld 20mil Niobium to 125mil Zirconium

System 1:
CD200SPM, 200ws capacitive discharge resistance welder
PASP, pressure actuated single probe hand piece
1/8” copper electrode with tip tapered to 1/16”
Copper grounding plane
6awg Weld Cables

The PASP-HP hand piece is pressure actuated (as pressure is applied, a signal is sent to the welder to initiate welds). Spring pressure is adjustable and we set it at the minimum applicable force. A flat copper grounding plane was used in the video but a grounded clamping fixture would help keep the zirconium stationary during the welding process.

We performed the welds using the CD200SPM set at 70ws energy. This setting is able to attach the niobium wire firmly to the zirconium on both the oxidized and clean faces with good hold strength (the wire breaks before the weld fails). Further experimentation with energy and force could yield even better results.

The CD200DP is an economical solution that will provide consistent weld quality. The PASP hand piece can quickly and easily place welds.

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