Resistance Welding – 5mil Gold to 30mil Gold Jewelry Pendant

System 1:
CD100SPM, 100ws CD resistance welder
PASP, Pressure-Activated Single Probe Hand Piece and Clip, copper grounding plane
<br />An 1/8” copper electrode with a tip that has been stepped down to 1/16” is used in the PASP pressure actuated hand-piece to spot weld the thin gold sheet to the gold pendant. We used a copper grounding plane to serve as the backing and to ground the part because it helps distribute the energy on the face of the pendant for minimized marking during the weld. The PASP spring pressure is adjusted to about half.

The pendant is placed face down onto the grounding plane and the 0.005” sheet is laid on top. The CD100SP is set to 100ws energy at maximum pulse length for the welds pictured. Several welds can be placed around outside edge of the pendant for ideal hold strength and complete adherence.

The CD100SPM is capable of performing these welds. The CD200DPM2 industrial capacitive spot welder would have an advantage over the CD100SPM for high volume manufacturing and would allow for stronger welds. It can be helpful to mark the weld locations prior to the welding process since the backing covers the pendant and operators can’t see. I would have no hesitation recommending System 1.

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