Resistance Welding Pt Wire to Ni Coated Cu

1) We put a “wedge” on the tip of the Copper electrode, to help focus the energy. The larger the width of the face of the “wedge”, the higher the energy required to perform the weld. The wedge tip width that we used was 0.030” at the face. This is the width that will touch the wire.

2) We used about 8 lbs for the welds in the video, however, it “squished” the wire a bit more than I would like, after I saw it close up in the video. I believe we could use slightly lower pressure.

3) You need to ensure that the wedge tip is touching only the wire. If it touches the coated Copper pins, it can arc, and blow up. Make sure the tip presses only on the wire.

4) We used 95 ws energy. This system will work for this application, however, we do offer higher-powered solutions, if you desire to get even better strength.

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