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We have new AC welders! Click to watch a video.

Sunstone Engineering now offers two new AC welding power supplies.

imageNeed to weld mesh, foils, sheets, or small wires? Sunstone Engineering offers two new AC welding power supplies that can delicately weld any of the small pieces you work with. Sunstone previously carried 1.5vKA and 2.5kVA AC welding transformer power supplies, but based on customer needs and feedback, we have upgraded our products and now offer two new units: a 2.2kVA and a 5.0kVA. The 5.0vKA power supply is pictured above and includes a simple interface to control the rest time between cycles, and the total length of the discharge. This unit has 4 power ranges designed to allow for very high precision welding, to high powered welding of thicker sheets or wires. After choosing the appropriate range, the users can then adjust the power setting from 40% to 100% of the selected range. We also offer a 2.2kVA power supply pictured to the left. This is a more simple power supply for smaller wires or sheets. These power supplies can operate in spot mode, roll spot mode, or seam mode for welding sheets, mesh, or wires. Get one today! 

We offer free sample weld evaluations if you need a proof of concept before purchasing a welding system.

 Click here to see a video showing our 2.2kVA unit in action welding steel mesh. 

Call in with any questions regarding these units. +1-801-658-0015.

Free Sample Welds ↓

Sunstone can help with any application

imageIf you need a proof of concept before purchasing a welding system from Sunstone, we can perform some free sample welds on your small pieces to prove that Sunstone equipment is a perfect fit for your specific applications. Give us a call or email us if you would like to take advantage of this free service.

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Did You Know ↓

The Orion pulse arc welders…


Did you know that Sunstone manufactures the Orion Welders? Orion pulse arc welders are designed for micro arc welding small or delicate items. Give us a call to discuss if you can benefit from an Orion. +1-801-658-0015

Orion pulse arc welders are great solutions with precision control for any research lab or production environment. Get one before the end of the year as a tax benefit.
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