Honeycomb Welding

Sunstone’s Honeycomb Welders

Honeycomb’s strength-to-weight ratio and other features make it a very popular and useful material within the aerospace and other industries. Typical honeycomb materials consist of aluminum, titanium, Iconel®, and Hastelloy® among others.

Sunstone Technology makes welding these various honeycomb materials fast and easy. Possible welds include welding both similar and non-similar metals together, along with a long list of different metals and metal thicknesses.

Depending on the honeycomb application, Sunstone welders can be used to weld and manufacture the core structures, along with tacking and joining the face sheets to the tops and bottoms, thus creating a composite honeycomb sandwich panel.

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Honeycomb Welding Applications:

  • Core Honeycomb Lattice Welding
  • Seam Welding
  • Tacking Face Panels to Core Lattice
  • Honeycomb Sandwich Manufacturing
Tacking Honeycomb to Curved Stainless Steel