Fuel Injectors

fuel-injectorManufacturing and Sealing

Fuel-injection systems are critical for vehicles, and therefore are subject to special requirements. It is essential to achieve quality, consistent welds when manufacturing and sealing fuel injectors.

Depending on the specific fuel injection welding needs, Sunstone Engineering has affordable, high-tech welding solutions.

Recommended Welders for Welding Fuel Injectors:

Orion 250s Pulse Arc Welder

Orion 250s Pulse Arc Welders

Sunstone Engineering has designed the most powerful and robust micro pulse arc welder on the market – the Orion 250s Pulse Arc Welder. The Orion 250s is ideal for industrial applications like mold repair, medical devices, and unique welding solutions. Sunstone Technology is infused into the Orion 250s to deliver power, repeatability, adjustability and affordability.

The Orion 250s is also perfect for laboratories, universities as well as research and development facilities. Designed for maximum versatility and control, the Orion 250s can be adjusted for extremely fine welds to very large welds. A variety of metal alloys and different thicknesses can be welded at a touch of a button.

Below is a list of some of the other features and benefits of the Orion 250s: