Hot Bar Reflow Soldering

Hot Bar Reflow System

The AV TCW contains many features to help the Hot Bar Reflow Soldering process. High Reliability Joining, Variable Temperature Profile, High Reproducibility, and Ample Monitoring Functions just to name a few. 

Hot Bar Reflow Soldering

Hot Bar Reflow System Features:

  • High Reliability Joining – Because heating and cooling takes place while the pressure is being applied, the work position is not shifted during joining.

  • Variable Temperature Profile – Because the heating is local and instantaneous, thermal impact to the peripheral components is restrained.

  • High Reproducibility – Digital PID control enables good reproducibility of temperature and time. As a result, no skill of the operator is required

  • Pb Free Compatible – Pb free solder is accommodated by setting to high temperature and long heating time

  • User Interface – RS-232C&I/O is standard equipped, making the unit easy to be connected to external equipment such as incorporating into an automated system

  • Ample Monitoring Functions – Temperature monitoring: Upper and lower limit (average, peak), Profile detection error: Over-heat, Thermocouple disconnection, etc

  • Other Standard Functions – Number of stored settings: 15, Head vertical and cooling air control signal, Auxiliary thermocouple input, Counter function

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