Cross Wire Welding

Cross Wire Welding Applications Overview

Cross wire welding is a very common welding application used in many everyday products and devices. It is one of the most common non-automotive applications for resistance spot welding.

Some common cross wire welding applications are heating elements, baskets and cages, and fences. In addition, cross wire welding is used to weld reinforcing mesh found in buildings, roads, tunnels, concrete, and prefabricated components.

Other applications include nanoscale cross wire welding for micro-scale joints found in many electronic appliances. Sunstone Engineering designs and manufactures various different welding solutions to meet your specific cross wire welding needs. Contact us for further information concerning your application and needs. 

Cross Wire Welding Applications:

  • Heating Elements
  • Mesh Reinforcements
  • Micro-Scale Joints
  • Baskets and Cages
  • Wire Grates
  • Fences

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Cross Wire Welding 0.044″ Stainless Steel Wires