Thermocouple Welding

Thermocouple Welder

thermocouples1Sunstone offers a variety of thermocouple welders. The Orion Series works well for creating consistent, uniform bead junctions by utilizing pulse arc technology to weld thermocouple junctions. Other Capacitive Discharge and AC welders can also be used to weld thermocouple junctions and to weld them directly to the metal piece for temperature sensing.

The Orion Series is capable of welding the largest variety of materials and sizes of thermocouple junctions. The added benefit comes from the Orion’s versatility and the ability it has to weld even highly conductive metals.

Sunstone CD and AC power supplies can also be used for thermocouple welding by resistance spot welding the wires together, or to the test sample.

thermocouples2Thermocouple Welding Applications:

  • Creating Strong Reliable Thermocouple Junctions
  • Welding Thermocouples to Measurement Sample
  • Pulse Arc Welding
  • Resistance Welding

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Thermocouple Welding with the Orion 150i

Thermocouple Welding – Type J and Type K

Thermocouple Welding - Type J and Type K