Micro Resistance Welding

Overview and Applications

Sunstone Engineering manufactures power supplies offering precise weld energy and weld heads that offer low inertia welding suited specifically for delicate welding and bonding. See the list of common micro resistance welding applications below.

Sunstone Single Pulse spot welders are engineered to provide a wide range of welding flexibility. The 100 and 200-watt second single pulse spot welders can provide as little as 0.1-watt-seconds (joules) of energy for welding microscopic wires and parts, while at the same time, delivering up to 100 or 200 Joules for stronger welds. The interface lets the user quickly select weld settings for a wide variety of welding projects.

Sunstone’s new micro weld head combines Sunstone Microprocessor Technology with industry-leading manufacturing to provide high-tech, high-precision micro welding. A computer-controlled self-calibrating system allows for accurate, repeatable welding forces ranging from 30 to 1100 grams.

Micro Resistance Welding Applications:

  • Fine Wire Welding
  • Fine Ribbon Welding
  • Circuit Board Traces
  • Wire Wound Potentiometers
  • Hybrid Microwave Devices
  • Pacemakers
  • Electrical Fuses
  • Ordnance Fuses
  • Smart Cards
  • Solar Cells and Panels

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