Strain Gauge Welding

For Strain Gauge Welding Applications

Sunstone Engineering manufactures a great solution for welding strain gauges. The Sunstone CD100SP and PASP hand attachment are the perfect combination for efficient and effective welding of all types of strain gauges. 


The CD100SP is a capacitive discharge welding power supply that is capable of very fine energy adjustments.  It is a very robust tool that can offer up to 120 welds/min at lower energy settings.  The energy and weld length settings are displayed on simple to read LCD display screen for simple, quick adjustments.  Even at a 100% power setting, you will easily achieve up to 40 welds/min.  This will allow you to attach your strain gages as fast as you need, increasing your efficiency and output.  The CD100SP can run off of 110/ 220 VAC power for added versatility.  A carry handle can also be added to this tool for mobile operation.


When combined with a pressure actuated hand piece (PASP) you have the perfect system for fast and easy strain gage welding.  Simply set the desired pressure on the hand piece and as you press the electrode to the strain gage, the signal will be sent automatically to trigger the weld.   This eliminates the need for a foot pedal to trigger the weld and allows the operator a simple solution when welding up a ladder or in the field.  Sunstone power supplies are equipped to make an audible beep, indicating that the welder is recharged and ready to weld.

Strain Gauge Welding

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