Thermocompression Bonding

Thermocompression Spot Welders

Sunstone’s micro welding solutions are perfect for microjoining and thermocompression bonding. When bonding small wires (1-3 mil diameters) from one connection pad to another, Sunstone’s dual pulse welders and micro weld heads are recommended as the optimal setup for thermocompression bonding applications.

In the past, thermocompression bonding processes yielded a large number of failures caused by weak wire bonds. Sunstone’s high-tech products provide a guaranteed solution for improving thermocompression bonding processes by providing reliable bonds and repeatable manufacturing processes.

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Thermocompression Bonding Equipment Recommendations:

D-CD 320 Welder for Thermocompression Bonding

Dynamic Dual Pulse Welder for Thermocompression Bonding

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MWH1000 Parallel Micro Weld Heads

Micro Weld Heads for Thermocompression Bonding

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Orion mPulse 30

Orion mPulse 30 Thermocouple Welder

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