Battery Manufacturing Materials

At Sunstone Engineering we offer different materials for welding battery packs.  See these options below, or call for details.

Nickel Tabs

We have a large variety of Nickel Tabs available.  Click here to see the different options.

8.75" x 11.75" Adhesive Fish Paper Sheets for Battery (10 pack)

8.75″ x 11.75″ Adhesive Fish Paper Sheets for Battery (10 pack)


SW24W-656 - Shrink Wrap (White)

White Shrink Wrap 24mm x 6mil x 656ft.



Call for Additional Sizes and Colors.

TM10KA - Thermistor for Snap-On Drill Packs

TM10KA – Thermistor for most Snap-On Drill Packs.


TM10KARB - Thermistor for Dewalt, Rigid, Makita

TM10KARB – Thermistor for most Dewalt, Rigid, & Makita Drill Packs.


TM6.8KR - Thermistor for Milwaukee, Hitachi, & Hilti

TM6.8KR – Thermistor for most Milwaukee, Hitachi, & Hilti Drill Packs.