Dual Probe Hand Pieces

Some welding applications require the flexibility and versatility of a hand held welding attachment. Hand held attachments allow welding of complex geometries that would require expensive fixturing when using conventional weld heads.
Hand held attachments provide a way for laboratories and businesses to lower their overall weld system costs. In general, welding attachments are easy to use, require low maintenance, and provide a great deal of flexibility for small production runs or research environments. 
Sunstone hand held weld attachments provide users with the ideal welding solution for their specific application and needs. This page features all of our dual probe hand pieces.

DPHP - Dual Probe Hand Piece

Dual Probe Hand Piece. $150.00

DPHP-LP - Low Power

Dual Probe Hand Piece - Low Power, 1/4" dia brass shank with 8 AWG cabling, accepts 2mm electrodes. $300.00

DPHP-MP - Medium Power

Dual Probe Hand Piece - Medium Power 5/8" dia brass shank with 4 AWG cabling, accepts 1/8" electrodes (1 pair copper electrodes included). $550.00

DPHP-HP - High Power

Dual Probe Hand Piece - High Power 7/8" dia brass shank with 1 AWG cabling, accepts 3/16" electrodes. $650.00

DPHP Micro - Micro Dual Probe Hand Piece

Micro Welding Hand Piece for Use with DC Welders. $250.00

PG4 - Pistol Grip Dual Probe Hand Piece

The PG4 gun is designed as a series welder. This gun will apply 2 spots simultaneously and is ideal for fast operations or where attaching an earth can be difficult. Accepts press fit electrodes. $2,400.00