Hand Held Accessories: Tweezer Weld Attachment

Many welding applications require the flexibility and versatility of a hand held welding attachment. Hand held attachments, like the tweezer weld attachment, allow welding of complex geometries that would require expensive fixturing when using conventional welding heads. Tweezer weld attachments provide a way for laboratories and businesses to lower their overall weld system costs. In general welding hand pieces are simple to use, require low maintenance, and provide a great deal of flexibility for small production runs or research environments.

THP-A - Tweezer Hand Piece

Tweezer Hand Piece - A. $200.00

PTHP-LP - Pressure Actuated Tweezer Hand Piece - Low Power

Pressure-Actuated Tweezer Hand Piece: Low Power. 1/8" dia. Electrodes. $750.00

PTHP-MP - Pressure Actuated Tweezer Hand Piece - Moderate Power

Pressure-Actuated Tweezer Hand Piece: Moderate Power. 3/16" dia. Electrodes. $800.00

PTHP-HP - Pressure Actuated Tweezer Hand Piece - High Power

Pressure-Activated Tweezer Hand Piece: High Power. 3/16" dia. Electrodes. $850.00

THP-P - Pneumatic Tweezer Hand Piece

The THP-A Pneumatic Tweezer Hand Piece is designed for situations when high weld forces are required and an opposed weld head is not feasible due to part geometry or weld locations. The pneumatic actuation allows for repeatable high forces leading to consistent quality of welds.

When coupled with the ACS1000 Air Control System, operators simply position the hand-piece, press the trigger button, and let the equipment do the rest.

THP-P Features

  • Forces from 5lbs to 50lbs adjustable by changing the air pressure.
  • Adjustable throat (up to 1.75″)
  • 1″ stroke distance
  • 10psi-60psi air pressure recommended
  • Accepts 3/16″ “tweezer style” electrodes or the optional “opposed style” holders can be inserted for use with 1/8″ electrodes
  • Made to work in conjunction with the ACS1000 air control system for precise control of timing
  • Easy to hold hand grip
  • Up to 1awg weld cables can be attached
  • 3 pin trigger cable attaches to welding power supply or ACS1000 to trigger the weld
  • Can be used with manual air foot pedal or ACS1000 to trigger the linear actuation
  • Can be used with any of our resistance welding power supplies