Orion Pulse Arc Welders

Sunstone Engineering has designed the most innovative and powerful micro pulse arc welders on the market – the Orion 250i2 (Patent D740,338) with Intelligent Welding™, and the Orion 250s. These welders are ideal for a variety of applications including mold repair, medical devices, aerospace and automotive applications, and other unique welding needs like jewelry and dental applications. Sunstone Technology is infused into these products to simplify welding processes and to deliver power, repeatability, adjustability and affordability.

The Orion 250i2 is the newest addition to the Sunstone product line. With more than five years of development and design work, the Orion 250i2 is capable of meeting the very strenuous welding demands while at the same time maintaining a clean, concise, and simple to navigate interface. Click to learn more about the Orion Pulse i Series.

The Orion 250s continues to be a popular product. Many well know laboratories, universities, and research and development facilities benefit from the Orion’s versatility and power. Learn more about the Orion s Series.

Orion Pulse i Series

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