Orion mPulse 30

Introducing the newest member of the Orion Pulse Arc Welder family—The Orion mPulse 30.

With a 30ws power potential, this small and friendly welder can be used by almost anyone and has the power to tackle all sorts of jobs. It’s perfect for those needing a welder for making quick, small welds on a light duty cycle. 

The mPulse 30 power settings range from 3.0 ws to 30ws, in 1.0 ws increments—that’s 27 different power settings to choose from. The weld spot size on the smallest setting is nearly 1mm, depending upon your material. The largest setting of 30ws will yield a weld spot approximately 1.5mm in diameter, again, depending upon the material you’re welding.

The mPulse 30 works amazingly well with Titanium, Steel, Gold, Silver and many other metals used in a wide range of industries. It’s a superior alternative to any solder application; and, measuring in at 5.5” x 5.25” x 3.625”, the mPulse 30 takes up almost no space on your bench. 

How can such a small machine do so much? We continually perfect and improve the welding technology put into the products we’ve been making for more than 10 years. Tailored to the needs of our clients, each Orion Pulse Arc Welder is a demonstration of why our products exceed the competition through research and development from our PhD team of engineers.

Now, anyone and any company can now afford to have the power of Pulse Arc technology for themselves. Order today, and see what the mPulse 30 can do for you.


Made in the USA. 

Orion mPulse 30

The Orion mPulse offers up to 30 joules of pulse-arc weld energy. The energy can be adjusted down to as little as 5 joules.

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