Seam Welds

Posted on February 12, 2014

Seam Welders

Sunstone manufactures a few different products that are capable of creating seam welds. 

Sunstone AC welders are ideal for resistance spot and seam welding. These AC welders feature an internal transformer along with the following advanced features and capabilities: dual pulse, multi-pulse, roll-spot, seam welding, temper functions, and can save up to 100 Schedules and up to 10 Jobs (sequences of schedules chained together).

Another option for creating seam welds is the Orion Pulse-Arc welders.  These micro-TIG welders can be used to make overlapping welds that create a seamless weld bead.  The ‘Rapid Fire’ setting on certain models can allow for up to 5 welds per second – making it fast and easy to create the seam weld.

Finally, certain CD welders can be upgraded to include a ‘Roll-Spot’ function that also be used to create seam weld. 


To learn more about our seam welders, visit our Products page. Also, we invite you to take advantage of our free sample weld evaluation service to help you find the best solution to your welding applications.

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