Welding Aluminum

Posted on February 12, 2014

Welding Aluminum

Many spot welding applications will require you to work with a specific metal, while other applications will have a wide range of metal types to work with. Luckily Sunstone Engineering spot welders can weld practically any metal including Aluminum. Sunstone Engineering spot welders are the solution to your welding needs no matter what the application or metal you are working with.

Aluminum Welding Spot Welder Features

  • Dual Pulse operation removes surface inconsistencies and contaminants
  • Single or Dual Pulse operation
  • Pulse-Arc welding technologies facilitate unique aluminum welding geometries

Aluminum Welding Spot Welder Applications

To learn more about our products that can weld Aluminum, visit our Products page. Also, we invite you to take advantage of our free sample weld evaluation service to help you find the best solution to your Aluminum or any other type of metal welding applications.

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