Why Sunstone?

Each Sunstone Engineering welder is a high-tech, high-precision welding solution designed for a variety of applications. Powered by Sunstone Technology, every welding solution is versatile enough to allow users to customize and control the welding process. From industrial assembly to jewelry design to battery pack manufacturing, Sunstone Engineering has the right fine-spot, resistance and pulse arc welding solution.

Sunstone's New UC Linear DC
Orion Weld Properties

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Sunstone Engineering is dedicated to bringing you the best possible welders on the market. To help you better understand our products, we have provided the following resources:

  • Free Sample Evaluation - Sunstone Engineering R&D employs an experienced Ph.D. technical staff, offering free sample evaluation and consulting for spot welding applications.
  • Documentation - You can read the technical specifications for most of our equipment here in PDF or HTML format. It is important to purchase the right welders for the right job, and these documents will help you to do that.
  • Video Reference Library - We provide a variety of videos to help you learn how to properly use our welding equipment.