Platinum Wires and Platinum Mesh Welds (Pulse Arc and Resistance)

The CD100SPM is set to 25ws energy to weld the platinum mesh to itself.  The mesh is overlapped and several weld actuations are placed along the seam for ensured strength and contact.

The tweezer hand piece is not designed for making butt welds of wires.  Lap welds can be accomplished, however, on the 0.0145 wires at 30ws energy.  The more weld actuations the smoother looking the joint.

The mesh can easily be tacked to the wires at 30ws energy.  Welds are strong and the parts do not show too much deformation or discoloration.

The tweezer hand piece makes it possible to reach the difficult geometries of the tube mesh and perform satisfactory welds.

Wire to wire welds are performed by the Orion Pulse 150i with smooth and clean results.  The welds are performed in Nano mode at 2ws energy, 2ms length, using sloped agitation and standard ignition sequence.  The smaller gauge platinum wire is more difficult and would be better welded using resistance in a lap weld configuration.

The CD100SPM is an economical solution that will  provide good results consistently.  For a more industrial high production application we also offer the CD160DPM2 power supply.  The tweezer hand piece enables operators to quickly and easily attach the mesh to the wires but it can be difficult to attach the wire directly to the wire.  Wire to wire applications are easier with the Orion Pulse 150i.  The welding process in both systems can be simplified and sped up by using a fixture to hold wires steady and in position.