Resistance Welding 0.006 Stainless Steel Wires

CD100SPM – 100 watt-second capacitive discharge spot welder

WH1125A – Opposed gap pneumatic weld head with 1/8” electrodes

EL125RWMA – top and bottom. Top electrode is tapered to about 0.040”, bottom electrode is flat, with a groove cut out to accept the bottom wire

The CD100SPM is set between 4.7 and 5.4 watt-seconds. The WH1125A is set to approximately 4 lbs.

The CD100SP is a great, economical solution for fusing these small wires together. Fixturing is key to ensure the wires are lined up perfectly, to avoid sharp edges from a “cross wire” type of weld. These samples were easily welded with energies ranging from 4.7 to 5.4 watt seconds. We found that 4.7ws had less of an impact on the wire, and did not deform it as much. When we did the weld at 5.4ws, the assembly “bent” at the weld. Because we only had 3 samples to test with, when you have the equipment in your shop, you can fine tune the pressures and energies to achieve an ideal weld.

The CD100SP paired with the WH1125A is an ideal, economical solution to fuse these 0.006” stainless steel wires together. I would have no hesitation recommending this system for WyTech.

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